About us

Who are we?

Moderne Investering
One company - many possibilities

We are a modern investment and construction company with extensive experience in carrying out fit-out projects. We specialize in commercial and residential construction.

We put your needs first, which is why we provide comprehensive services. You will be able to entrust your investment to one company associating with many experts from various industries.

What do we do?

We are distinguished by experience in investment project implementation, construction, and installation work. We have experience implementing chain stores in shopping malls and facilities intended for services, restoration of tenement houses, and the adaptation of tenement houses for exclusive offices. We deal with comprehensive fit-out projects, but apart from that, we also carry out inspections of residential buildings and warehouses and inspections of terrestrial transmitters’ radio infrastructure. As an investment and construction company distinguished by a comprehensive offer, we also provide other services, including conducting construction audits, preparing real estate appraisals, and real estate management.

Our team

Moderne Investering brings together specialists from many industries, thanks to which it is possible to create a comprehensive offer. Working with us, you can count on the experience, creativity, and knowledge of a team of architects, designers, inspectors, electricians, construction and installation companies, and many other professionals. Our team is coordinated by an experienced project manager, who is also a personal customer advisor.

Our experience

We work with Polish and foreign investors in public procurement and independent investors, providing professional services including fit-out, rebranding, renovation works, and modernization and inspection of installations. Our projects to date include, among others, investments for AW Polska S.A. Mondial Assistance of one of the largest operators servicing insurance companies in Poland (office space rebranding), Watermelons Sp. z o.o. with its seat in Warsaw, an advertising agency (renovation and construction works, rebranding), the School Complex with Integration Departments No. 41 in Warsaw (modernization of sanitary facilities at the request of the Capital City of Warsaw), the University of Silesia in Sosnowiec (renovation works), the Wołomin Town and Commune Council (inspections of radio infrastructure installations), Military Property Agency – Military Unit in Kazuń (renovation and construction works), Apartment at ul. Przaśna in Warsaw (finishing works), the apartment at ul. Białołęcka in Warsaw.

Our team also has experience in the implementation of fit-out premises located in shopping malls, such as Bath & Body Works, Rossmann, The Body Shop, Salad Story, Tally Weijl, PKO BP Bank, ING Bank, Poczta Polska, and Vision Express Optical Shops.

Moderne Investering is your experienced partner who plans the investment and carries it out for you from the design phase to obtaining the use permit.

Why you should choose us

A team of experts

Our team consists of the industry's best professionals - architects, interior designers, project managers, customer service specialists, construction and installation teams. We work together for each investment's success, taking care of timeliness and maintaining the highest technical standards, which have a decisive impact on the comfort and safety of the office or premises’ future user.

Optimal financial plan

We know our clients' needs - we support them with our knowledge and experience, offering high-quality services and effective solutions helpful in investment project realization. We value every cooperation that allows us to gain new, valuable experiences. Many customers have trusted us from the beginning of the company's activity. It is your positive feedback that motivates us to be even more involved.

An innovative approach to business

We know the market and set its direction, thanks to which we meet today’s customers’ expectations. We take up the challenges posed by the competition and prove that using the latest technologies in the investment process allows us to implement innovative projects for the 21st century. The references that have been issued to our company confirm the quality of our services.

Dedicated Project Manager

We provide an individual client manager who watches over the timely implementation of goals and the quality of work from the start to the investment completion. The Project Manager is a versatile and experienced specialist who actively participates in all stages of the project.

Comprehensive Realization

By entrusting the design and implementation of the investment to our company, you save both time and money. As a general contractor, we accompany our clients throughout the investment - from the first idea created on our designers' computers to finishing works and interior design. Comprehensive services allow us to entirely focus on achieving goals and provide you with a minimum of formalities with maximum satisfaction and cost optimization.