Advantages and disadvantages of an office fit-out – is it worth it?

Does your premises need changes? So you have two options. You can carry out a classic renovation or decide on a fit-out. The first solution will change your interior and bring a breath of fresh air to it, but it will not necessarily meet all the needs of employees and customers. On the other hand, the other option will allow you to additionally plan the space in such a way as to facilitate communication between customers and employees and support the visual identification of the brand. A lot can be said about a fit-out’s advantages, but does such a solution also have any disadvantages?

A tailor-made office

Before we move on to the flaws of fit-out, let’s focus on the bright side of this current service. It is safe to say that the center of fit-out is a person, not a fashionable sofa or a designer lamp for several thousand euros. Therefore, there is no doubt that in addition to a modern look, fit-out focuses on functionality, which is the key to meeting the needs of employees and customers. Flexible and ergonomic space that fosters focus affects team productivity and company results.
What’s more, the office fit-out allows for full personalization and adjustment of the space to a specific company’s image and needs. The great advantage is cooperation with experienced contractors and a project manager’s care at every stage of the investment. This solution allows you to focus on your work without having to set deadlines – the project manager will take care of this issue, taking the burden of the organization off your shoulders.
Thanks to the cooperation with one company, you can also count on shorter implementation times and the latest trends, such as open space, hot desking, a quiet zone, or recreational space. Let’s also not forget that it is much easier to make a complaint when working with one contractor if there is any failure later.

Is the office fit-out flawless?

Every entrepreneur wants his premises to be attractive to the client. Therefore, the fit-out company must plan a comfortable and functional space, which will also stand out from other offices.
Fast construction works are a fit-out advantage, but remember that no good company will deliver complex finishes in one weekend. The process takes on average from a few to several weeks, which may be seen as a disadvantage for some investors. However, let us not forget that fit-out is a comprehensive service that includes identifying the company’s individual needs and planning and executing construction and finishing works. The investment completion time depends on many factors, including the waiting time for the ordered materials.
It should also be remembered that the office’s activity may be slightly limited during the project’s implementation. Therefore, it is worth agreeing with the company fit-out at the very beginning of minimizing disruptions caused by the renovation. If you want to give your employees peace of mind and avoid closing the company for a few weeks, opt for renovation after office hours.