Arrangement of safe office space

Safety has recently become one of the most popular words in the world. Every day we make sure that we wash our hands regularly, do not touch our face, keep adequate distance and wear masks in public places. Security measures are critical in offices that are slowly returning from remote work and starting to function in stationary mode again. How to ensure safety in the office during these unusual times for everyone? Check the importance of ingenious interior design solutions for the health of employees and customers.

Control the temperature of employees

How to prevent the development of diseases and prevent the office from closing for a period of at least two weeks? First of all, it is worth introducing precautionary measures when entering the company. Proximity thermometers can help – a relatively simple, inexpensive, and affordable solution that many companies use. However, if you want automatic temperature control, a thermal imaging camera will be your best option. This device will work in both small and large companies. The advantages of this modern technology are already used by Amazon, which uses thermal imaging cameras to monitor employees’ temperature entering the warehouse.

Make sure you have access to fresh air

A crucial factor nowadays is the frequent airing of rooms. It is the cheapest and most natural method of air purification, worth using all year round. We should ventilate the office several times a day to get rid of aerosolized microbes, oxygenate the brain, and improve employees’ well-being.
But what to do if there are no windows in our office or their number is insufficient? In such a situation, you should ensure efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. You can also equip your office with a good-quality air purifier that filters the air, eliminating microbes that are harmful to health. If you have the right conditions, you can also bet on the 2020 trend, i.e., an outdoor office. To organize such a space, all you need is access to a terrace, garden, or roof. Working in the fresh air strengthens immunity, improves mood, and provides access to natural light.

Keep your social distance

In recent years, open spaces have become very popular, fostering communication and teamwork. However, at present, such a solution may be a problem for employers who have to ensure their employees’ safety. Social distancing in the office does not have to be difficult to maintain – it’s just a matter of getting used to the new reality. Many offices now use a combination of a rotation system with remote work, which makes it possible to reduce the number of employees simultaneously in the office.
In open space offices, you can keep a 1.5-meter distance, excluding some of the workstations in such a way that employees do not sit next to or opposite each other. Another option is to insert partitions or protective covers made of transparent plexiglass.

Remember about the general safety rules

Pathogenic viruses spread not only in exhaled aerosols but also from contaminated surfaces. Therefore, it is worth remembering to regularly disinfect common touch surfaces, such as desks, tables, door handles, switches, handrails, keyboards, telephones, and payment terminals. If many employees alternately use the same workstations (so-called hot desks), you should remember to disinfect each person. According to the current rules and restrictions, it is not obligatory to wear masks at work if you are not in contact with people from the outside.
A safe office can be created in all conditions – all you need is knowledge of the applicable rules and a bit of creativity. If you want to adjust the office space to the current situation, you can also use the help of professionals from Moderne Investering. Together, we will analyze the available space and plan the best solutions to increase your office’s security.