Commercial flooring in hotels – change the interior of the facility!

Hotel carpeting not only suppresses noise and provides comfort to guests and employees. This essential element is also the flagship of the hotel and increases the standard of the facility. While it might seem that the carpet underneath our feet is out of sight of our guests, it’s actually the first thing most of us notice when we step through a hotel room door. Therefore, it is worth ensuring the best possible quality of carpets for hotel rooms, restaurants, conference rooms, and corridors. Which hotel carpet will work best?

Hotel flooring – the most popular type of hotel floor covering is carpet flooring. Hotel carpet can be loop, needle-punched, velour, or simply tiles.

Loop-shaped – one of the most popular hotel carpets, which is distinguished by a knotty fiber structure. Loop pile carpets work best in restaurants, conference rooms, and corridors.

Needled – extremely resistant to intensive use and dirt, eagerly chosen for hotel corridors. Made of polyamide or polypropylene fibers, it is characterized by a compact and flexible structure. Since the needle-punched carpet is not very pleasant to the touch, it is not suitable for hotel rooms.

Velour – is one of the most prestigious carpets; therefore, it is often chosen for hotel facilities. It works best in rooms and corridors because it is distinguished by an elegant appearance and high abrasion resistance.

Carpet tiles – object flooring in tiles is the latest solution that works well both in the office and hotel interiors. The floor tiles’ biggest advantages include the endless arrangement possibilities and the ease of assembly and disassembly. If one tile is damaged, it can be easily removed and replaced with a new one, significantly reducing costs. What’s more, the available carpet tiles include looped, needle-punched, and velour products so that they can be installed anywhere – from rooms, through corridors, to restaurants and conference rooms.

Hotel carpet – which one to choose?

The hotel is a facility consisting of many rooms, so it is worth considering their specificity when selecting a floor covering. We will choose a different carpet for rooms and a different one for restaurants or corridors. The differentiation of individual products is influenced, among others, by the way, the floor is used and the intensity of use. The carpet for hotels should have a service classification of 31, 32, or 33. The higher the number, the more durable the carpet.

Flooring for rooms

For hotel rooms, we can confidently choose a 31 or 32 class carpet with a weight of 600-900g/m2. Although these interiors are frequently used, there are never many people staying in them at the same time. Hotel guests very often take off their shoes after crossing the room door, putting on slippers or shoes with a soft sole – this behavior significantly extends the life of the floor covering. However, it is worth remembering that we cannot choose home carpeting for a hotel room because such a product is not resistant to frequent cleaning. To maintain the highest possible standard, the flooring should be kept impeccably clean, and the dirt and microorganisms should be removed regularly. Therefore, the hotel’s carpet must be resistant to stains and the action of detergents and cleaning mechanical devices.

Flooring for corridors

The carpet in the hall is used much more often and more intensively than the room carpet. In this case, it is worth choosing durable class 33 carpets with a weight of 900-1300 g/m2. Guests and staff often walk on hall and corridors’ flooring. Therefore it must be resistant to intensive use, meet safety standards, and have suitable acoustic parameters. The corridor flooring should also be adapted to the needs of guests using suitcases on wheels. In hotel corridors, carpets in intense colors, usually richly decorated, are most often found. To maintain the floor’s original appearance as long as possible, it is worth using polyamide floor coverings dyed in the mass, which is resistant to intensive use, frequent cleaning, and sunlight.

Carpets for restaurants and conference rooms

Restaurants and conference rooms are used in a similar way, as both rooms have chairs and tables. Therefore, we are constantly dealing with intensive use and high pressure of furniture on the ground. Class 33 carpets weighing over 1200 g/m2 are the best choice for restaurant interiors and conference rooms. Since meals are eaten in hotel restaurants, the carpeting must be stain-resistant and easy to clean. High-quality carpeting will also dampen noise.