Commercial flooring – what to pay attention to?

Commercial flooring is the most frequently chosen solution for offices, hotels, and other facilities. Modern carpeting, however, must not only harmonize with the interior design but also be distinguished by functionality. A good commercial floor carpeting task is to protect the floor, suppress noise and sound of footsteps, give the interior a cozy character or retain heat in the room. So what is worth paying attention to when choosing a commercial flooring?

Aesthetics and functionality

The color of the carpet is also important, as it should be consistent with the decor and functional at the same time. So it is better to forget about white and very light carpets, where you can see every dirt. The most practical is gray and beige floor coverings – neutral and suitable for any interior. An interesting idea is also a commercial black flooring, which works exceptionally well in minimalist interiors and contrasts with the dominant white. Green carpets are also very popular, as they refresh the interior and allow the eyes to rest, as well as blue carpets – this color stimulates the mind and reduces the level of stress. You can also divide the office into zones with colorful carpets, choosing different colors for individual rooms.

Abrasion class

When choosing commercial flooring, one should consider the degree of foot traffic in a given room – the more intensive the usage, the higher the abrasion class. A typical home flooring has an abrasion class 22; therefore, in offices, commercial class 32 flooring will work much better, while in industrial rooms, class 33 and 34 for interiors with heavier traffic.

Material and quality

Commercial flooring differs significantly from household carpeting. The latter is adapted to not very intensive usage and more susceptible to dirt. At home, we usually wear slippers, so frequent walking on a home carpet in high heels or shoes with hard soles is not a good solution, not to mention the regular use of office chairs on wheels that exert a lot of pressure on the ground. For offices, we choose flooring marked with the symbol of a skyscraper. Household products are marked with a house symbol.
When it comes to the type of material, we can choose from a wide range of carpets, natural (e.g., rubber), PVC, or flocked. The so-called carpet tiles offer many arrangement possibilities. Due to the fact that such a carpet is mounted tile after tile, we deal with less assembly waste, and we can install them in stages (without the need to remove the furniture). In the event of damage to one tile, it is enough to replace a single element, not the entire carpeting.

Dirt resistance

Nobody buys commercial flooring for one season, but with many years of use in mind. To use the carpet as long as possible, asking the seller about the resistance to dirt is worth mentioning. Office carpeting should be easy to clean and suitable for machine washing. It is also worth paying attention to the antistatic properties of the flooring. Such products are irreplaceable in server rooms and places where computers work because, thanks to their antistatic properties, they discharge accumulated electric charges.