Commercial Office Fit-Out – trends 2020

Office fit-out is about more than creating modern office space arrangements. It is also planning the project to meet the needs of employees and customers and promote mutual communication. The year 2020 meant that companies faced completely new challenges. However, the changing style of work is the driving force behind the fit-out industry. Warsaw, London, New York, Paris, or Tokyo – in 2020, it doesn’t really matter where your office is located because the whole world is struggling with similar problems. Check what the fit-out industry has to offer and discover hot trends in 2020!

Remote work and office fit-out

Even though more and more people today work remotely, offices are still operational. The new reality influences the creation of spaces that are even more oriented to the needs of employees. Because many companies partially send employees to work remotely, the so-called hot-desking, which allows you to reduce the number of workstations, are becoming popular. This concept excludes the allocation of individual desks, which means that employees occupy the currently free places. “Hot desks,” especially popular in companies with a small space, are also perfect in the current reality, where remote work is the order of the day.

Conference rooms not so popular anymore

Companies focused on the employee’s needs give up large conference rooms associated very officially and for business purposes. This year’s fit-out trends assume meetings in much more friendly multi-functional areas or relaxation zones. Large conference rooms are also forgotten due to technological development and the aforementioned remote work, as many employees participate in online meetings. There is also a growing interest in outdoor spaces such as terraces, gardens, and roofs. This solution provides employees with constant access to fresh air and natural light, positively influencing concentration and health.

Farewell to minimalism

While Scandinavian design is still in vogue, companies looking to be up-to-date in 2020 should turn to more bold colors. Shades of mint, blue, peach, amber, and coral, which appear mainly in furniture and accessories, are especially popular. However, fashionable office furniture is distinguished not only by its expressive color but also by its shape, which should be streamlined this season. The trend of 2020 is also using many shades of one color, preferably associated with the brand. The patterns are dominated by leaf motifs, appearing both in the form of prints and natural plants. Sustainability and the use of recycled materials are also crucial to office owners. This trend is since customers are more willing to use the services of brands that actively care for the environment.