Fit-out – for everyone?

Fit-out is more than just comprehensive finishing works. This type of service focuses primarily on customers’ needs and is fully tailored to their preferences and interior design options. Using the fit-out services, you can count on an individual approach to the investment and carry out all works – from design to finishing. Due to the growing popularity of fit-out projects, many companies wonder whether this type of offer is also suitable for them. In today’s post, we prove that fit-out is for everyone.

Fit-out not only for offices

One of the most popular services is office fit-out, which does not mean that fit-out is directed only to the owners of office spaces. This type of implementation can also be used by investors planning to redevelop a hotel, restaurant, shopping mall, commercial premises, and any other facility.

For those who want to save

If you are planning comprehensive finishing works, you must consider the necessity of employing an architect, interior designer, construction team, and installation team. Such activities often also require taking appropriate legal steps and obtaining permits. By using the services of a fit-out company, you receive the support of a project manager who, on your behalf, deals with the entire investment – from creating a project, through selecting a construction team, to finishing works. This solution allows you to significantly save time, money, and nerves because the investor does not have to worry about deadlines, permits or to look for a reliable team. What’s more, the project manager is in constant contact with the investor, consulting with him at every stage of investment. Cooperation with one business partner also supports the sense of security and guarantees transparency and timeliness.

A space consistent with the activities of the brand

The fit-out company primarily focuses on identifying individual customer needs and planning and carrying out construction and finishing works. This means the possibility of adjusting solutions and arrangements to a specific brand. The latest arrangement trends favor the brand’s attractiveness and make the company friendly for both the employee and the customer. Fit-out services are therefore aimed at owners of a small, medium, and large companies who want to create functional and ergonomic interiors.

From small changes to large investments

Companies dealing with fit-out projects offer comprehensive activities, including planning, design, arrangement, and investment implementation. Investors can also use other services, such as facelift, remodeling, revitalization, or facilities adaptation. It is best to decide after consulting a fit-out specialist. Warsaw is the seat of Moderne Investering, where we carry out minor modernizations, general revitalization activities, and comprehensive fit-out services tailored to the client’s individual needs. Contact us for more information and receive a personalized offer that meets your needs.