Glass walls in offices – new solutions and applications

Modern offices are dominated by open spaces, where all employees are located in one large room, working individually or in groups. However, this fashionable trend requires the introduction of new solutions, such as glass walls, the purpose of which is isolating from the noise prevailing in the open space and at the same time not making the closed space completely private.

Comfortable common space

What does modern service premises look like? The design of such an office should consider the presence of recently extremely popular glass walls. Glass is a universal and aesthetic material that will work in an interior made in any style. Thanks to the glass walls, you can easily divide the room while keeping employees in the darkened boxes, separated with thick walls. It is worth choosing glass walls made of sliding profiles, with the possibility of opening, which allow you to freely arrange the interior, for example, for group work or training.

Free space organization

Glass walls are perfect for open space offices where we want a bright interior and easy communication between employees. These walls can be used to insulate rooms, such as a conference room, a meeting room with clients or the boss’s office. Glass walls are also used when designing a quiet space for work or phone calls with customers. Glass can be freely colored and cheaply covered with fashionable stickers consistent with the company’s image. The latest decorative hit is an intelligent liquid crystal foil. This foil can be stuck to any glass surface and connected to the power supply – thanks to this, it is possible to control the glass’s shading and thus the privacy of employees.

Coworking or glass walls in public space

Private offices are not the only places where the construction of premises is carried out. The shopping mall is one of the locations where coworking jobs for freelancers are being created. In shopping centers, glass walls can be seen in front of the entrance to almost every service premise. A similar solution can be used to create a coworking space. Glass walls are especially useful during meetings with customers or individual work.