How best to plan an office redevelopment?

Do you dream of a modern open space office that your employees will be happy to come in? Even if you have a small space, cooperation with an experienced and creative architect can bring you astounding results. What to focus on when planning an office redevelopment to be satisfied with the investment course?

Take care of employees’ needs

Open space offices are encouraging the cooperation and integration of employees. It is why so many owners of commercial premises give up closed offices and decide to redevelop them. However, it is worth taking care of places where you can work individually, make phone calls or meet clients. Glass walls that isolate noise, but do not disturb the vision of open space, will work great in open space interiors. Renovation of office space should primarily take into account the needs of employees. When choosing furniture and systems, it is worth focusing on functional design that is not only modern but, above all, functional. Plan a space for work and rest so that your employees can be more relaxed and thus more effective. Also, remember that open spaces require good acoustic solutions, such as high-walled furniture, acoustic panels, or plants.

Set a work schedule

If you do not want your office remodeling to last forever, schedule the work before it starts. By sticking to the schedule, you can be sure that everything will go according to plan, as long as the dates agreed with the contractors do not change. When deciding to redevelop, you do not need to envision what your new service premises should look like. Renovation can be left to specialists dealing with fit-out services, who plan and implement the work, adapt the office design to the company’s image and employees’ needs.

Plan your budget

Before you start any office redevelopment work, it will be necessary to plan your budget, obtain all permits, and make sure the renovation team is available. Planning your budget can be difficult as it involves time-consuming checking the prices of materials and services. If you want to save time and be sure that the budget will not be exceeded, choose fit-out services – one general contractor will take care of, among others, budget planning, employing proven specialists, and obtaining permits. The project manager who will plan the office’s redevelopment knows how to renovate the office when the premises cannot be closed and make sure the investment plan is fully adapted to your expectations.