Impact of the crisis on the development of fit-out

Many industries have suffered due to the current situation, and the most talked-about is the crisis in the cultural and leisure sector. Meanwhile, one sector may affect others, especially those whose activities depend on other entrepreneurs’ success. The difficult financial situation forces companies to carefully manage their budgets and postpone plans such as expanding the website or renovating the office. Today, many big cities are in the same situation as Berlin or London, and their local companies face the same challenges. Let’s discover the true challenge and look at the crisis’s impact on globally growing fit-out popularity.

Lockdown, or time for renovation

Restaurants, hairdressers, and hotels can rarely afford a break from doing business. The owners of successful businesses did not panic but creatively used the moment of forced closure. At this point, many entrepreneurs turned to fit-out, investing in comprehensive finishing works or interior metamorphosis. All this to welcome customers in a place that has long demanded to be refreshed in the new reality.

Design of the offices of the future

While fit-out has a lot to do with predicting trends, no one can predict what will happen in the world in 2021. Slowly, we are all getting used to the new everyday life, and we are looking for solutions that will help us in this. Since offices currently operate differently than before, the fit-out industry faced completely new challenges. In the coming months, the fit-out will focus on designing “offices of the future,” i.e., flexible interiors that can be easily adapted to current needs.
The future offices’ design responds to such problems as maintaining social distance, combining the rotation system with remote work, providing technology for efficient and remote communication, or creating areas for safe work with the client. The growing popularity of remote work is also associated with employees’ additional needs, and supplying them with company equipment and furniture may be a standard in the future.

Fit-out green offices

When we were all locked up at home, the world was told that the dolphins had returned to Italy and that cleaner air was seen over Europe and China on satellite photos. Global warming has ceased to be a curiosity repeated in schools and has become a real threat that we can feel on our own skin. No wonder then that the environmental awareness of entrepreneurs who notice that customers better perceive eco-friendly companies is growing.
The fit-out industry has a wide range of possibilities, as it can offer companies not only employee and customer-friendly interiors but also eco-friendly ones. The green offices’ project includes using certified products (e.g., recycled), natural materials, energy-saving solutions, renewable energy, or an advanced waste segregation system.