Interior trends 2021 – check out the most fashionable solutions!

How to arrange an office, hotel, or restaurant interior following the latest trends? What accessories should be added to the arrangement to increase the attractiveness of the facility? Regardless of whether you are planning a comprehensive reconstruction or are looking for ideas for fashionable accessories, check the interior trends in 2021 and create an arrangement that your competitors will envy you!

The colors of the earth and the sea

In 2021, interior color trends will focus on the natural colors of the earth and the sea. The desire to return to nature and harmony with the surrounding world will be reflected in earthy colors such as beige, sand, terracotta, and brown. These colors can be complemented by warm olive, rusty, or mustard shades. According to the Dulux brand, it is not without reason that the color of 2021 is Brave Ground, i.e., a grayish-brown resembling coffee with milk. The earth colors have a beneficial effect on the human psyche, reduce stress, and provide a sense of security. These colors can be safely used both on the walls and in the form of accessories.
The second color trend in 2021 is the color of the sea – from turquoise, through blue, to deep, inky navy blue. Shades of blue bring relief, stimulate creativity, inspire confidence and make us feel safe.

Sculpture and handicraft

Artistic interiors are a real hit of 2021! However, this season it is not paintings in the center of attention, but sculptures and handicrafts. Modern sculptures or imitations of classic patterns should appear in a fashionable café or designer hotel interior. It is worth paying attention to the works of young artists and searching for unique sculptures at antique fairs. Carvings can also be seen on furniture, such as the base of coffee tables and chair backs.
Fashionable 2021 trends are also handmade accessories that attract attention and diversify minimalist arrangements. Popular motifs are mainly faces and human figures, which can be introduced into the interior in sculptures, vector graphics, or prints.

Light wood and japandi

Scandinavian simplicity has settled in for good in interiors, so the interior design trends for 2021 could not ignore minimalism. This season, light wood will be prevalent, and it will perfectly match interiors in trendy earth tones. Light wood can be used to arrange the floor, walls, and ceilings. Light wood color will also work well in combinations with white and black, such as a wooden top and a white or black structure.
An interesting interior design trend of 2021 is also japandi, i.e., a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian styles. This style is characterized by a simple, functional, and cozy arrangement in soft earth tones – beige, gray, and subtle green. The interiors of japandi are also full of plants, which do not form a dense jungle but rather constitute a cost-effective addition.

Second life of the furniture

Caring for the planet is becoming a good trend, which is also visible in interior design. In 2021, bet on recyclable materials and recycled furniture that you can refurbish and reuse. Vintage interiors have not gone out of fashion for years, and at antiquities fairs and auction sites, you can sometimes buy real unique items for peanuts.
However, moderation in the arrangement using vintage furniture is required because you can quickly clutter the interior or create a museum effect. So it’s a good idea to combine second-hand furniture with modern accessories. Eco trends in interiors are promoted, among others, by IKEA, which in November 2020, as part of the Buy-Back Program, allowed its customers to exchange used furniture for vouchers. Replaced furniture was to be repaired and resold, recycled, or donated to charity.
Natural materials such as wood, stone, linen, or jute are increasingly replacing artificial raw materials, especially plastic. This season, focus on nature and create an ecological, harmonious interior that is friendly to people and the environment!