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We design and supervise

Architectural design is detailed planning of the construction of the facility and its surroundings. We create professional architectural designs, participate in building construction, and supervise whether the works are carried out according to the assumed design.


We verify the possibilities of the plot

We start the design stage by identifying the client’s needs. The next step is to verify the plot’s potential, i.e., its legal status. Design works can be started immediately in the areas covered by the local spatial development plan. If the municipality does not pass the local development plan, we apply on behalf of the investor to decide on development conditions. Based on the analysis of the development conditions or the local spatial development plan, we create an individual architectural design tailored-made to meet the client’s expectations.


We provide comprehensive architectural services

We offer complete architectural services of the investment. We design residential, office, and commercial facilities, public utility buildings, single-family houses, hotels, and many more. Our offer also includes the design of shops and restaurants to be built in undeveloped areas, and our services also include the adaptation of shops and other existing facilities. We provide comprehensive architectural services, including both building and interior design. We implement each project from start to finish in cooperation with the client, focusing on his expectations regarding the architectural style, investment costs, deadlines, business profile, and adjusting the investor’s ongoing proposals to the current project.


We take care of installation design

Apart from architectural projects, we also carry out all necessary installation projects, including:

  • Electrical installations
  • Sanitary installations (water, sewage, central heating, air conditioning, ventilation)
  • Low-voltage installations (security, monitoring, and access control systems)
  • Smart home installations (including lighting and roller blinds control systems, motion and dusk sensors)


We supervise the implementation of the project

Our work does not end with the architectural and installation design. Throughout the duration of the investment, we supervise the course of the project implementation, providing the client with comprehensive service. By choosing cooperation with Moderne Investering, you get unlimited access to consultations with the best specialists in architectural and installation design and construction works.