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Your safety is our priority

The construction law obliges building owners and managers to carry out annual and five-year inspections to verify their technical condition and ensure users’ safety. As an experienced investment and construction company, we carry out professional inspections of facilities and installations which guarantee the safety and comfort of using buildings.


Annual and five-year inspections

Periodic inspections are compulsory, among others, public buildings, collective residence buildings, storage facilities, and facilities under the protection of the conservator of monuments (e.g., tenement houses). Once a year while reviewing, we control building elements, structures, and installations exposed to the harmful effects of weather conditions, installations and devices for environmental protection, and gas installations and chimney ducts. In turn, the five-year inspection includes checking the elements controlled during the annual assessment, inspecting electrical and lightning protection systems, the aesthetics of the facility, and inspection of cable installation resistance and grounding of installations and devices.


Offer for managers and owners of buildings

We work with managers and owners of buildings who attach great importance to the installation’s proper functioning and the safety and comfort of using the facility. We always perform the tasks entrusted to us in a reliable and timely manner, utilizing all security measures and the most modern equipment. After the inspection, our specialists issue a professional inspection protocol of the facility along with photographic documentation.