Property valuation

Reliable valuation of premises and land

We provide professional property valuation in terms of market value and fair value. We work with experienced property appraisers who prepare reliable financial statements for our clients. We evaluate various types of property, including:

  • Premises (commercial premises, residential dwellings)
  • Undeveloped land (building plots, agricultural land)
  • Developed land (residential buildings, commercial and industrial buildings)


We prepare reports for various purposes:

For the borrower

We conduct a professional property condition assessment and estimate the potential gains that can be made. In this way, we make it possible to make a good and conscious decision to participate in a given investment.

For financial statements

We prepare valuations for financial statements following IFRS as well as British and American GAAP standards. At the same time, we use our proven knowledge of investment markets.

For corporate transactions
We carry out property valuation for business entities related to the need to conclude purchase and sale transactions at the corporate level. Such reports are also performed for individuals to the needs for trading on the property market.