Renovations and adaptattions of the premises

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Interiors to suits your needs

Remodeling, revitalization, lifting, fit-out, and adaptation are terms that have entered the Polish construction dictionary for good. Thanks to the knowledge of modernization processes and experience in carrying out large-scale renovations, we can create interiors that will fit you in every way. The renovation of commercial premises is a challenge that we will undertake together with our team of specialists, including architects, designers, inspectors, and construction and installation companies. We will carry out renovation of buildings from beginning to end, thanks to which you will save time and minimize investment costs.

Check what we can do for you:

  • Lifting and remodelingmodernization of usable space aimed at refreshing the interior or introducing additional functionalities. Remodeling is also used to increase the value of usable space or transform the company’s offer.
  • Revitalization (“relaunching” or “bringing back to life”) – revitalization activities include the complete renovation of the building or a major renovation of the premises. Revitalization aims to restore the facility for use and adapt it to modern architecture requirements while increasing its value.
  • Adaptation of shops, offices, and commercial premises – reconstruction of usable spaces in accordance with their intended purpose. Adaptation includes both the rebuilding of entire premises or buildings and adapting the area to new requirements.
  • Premises and offices fit-out – comprehensive activities including planning, design, arrangement, and implementation of investments in cooperation with specialists from many industries. Fit-out focuses not only on complete renovation works but also on identifying individual customers’ needs and adapting the investment plan to the company’s nature.


Less is not better

We assume that a well-coordinated team of specialists and skillful investment planning are a guarantee of success. Our priority is our services’ quality, which is always high, regardless of the amount of work. We undertake the creation of entire networks of functional and aesthetic commercial premises, ensuring the facility’s timely commissioning and cost optimization. A team of experienced professionals modernizes, adapts, and revitalizes all kinds of commercial premises. We fully plan the renovation and adjust it to the opening hours of the office or store. An experienced project manager, who is also an individual client manager and advisor, supervises the workflow.