Planowanie remontu biura

Office renovation planning – what you should remember about

The renovation of an office is a big logistical challenge. When renovating an apartment, we can always stay with a family or in a hotel for a while. However, the situation is completely different in the case of the renovation of the office, which usually has to be left open. It is worth following a few universal rules to efficiently, timely carry out a renovation and accelerate the interior’s modernization.

Create a renovation work schedule

The most important point to deal with at the very beginning is scheduling the renovation work and setting the goals to be achieved. The schedule can be general or detailed – it is worth creating it after the first consultations with specialists, e.g., a construction team, architect, or designer.
The schedule is in the form of a table, in which we include, among others, all planned renovation works, calendar, planned commencement and completion of works, equipment rental dates, material delivery dates, or cost estimate. It is worth remembering that in the case of cooperation with several companies, the investor is obliged to create a renovation work schedule. When working with one company, you can expect a schedule to be attached to the contract.
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Choose a construction team

You certainly care about the perfect renovation work effect, so do not settle for the first better offer, but find a reliable renovation company. Depending on the scope of work, you will need contact with a construction team, architect, designer, and installation team. Choose experienced specialists and check the range of their skills, especially if you plan to implement the latest technological solutions or architectural trends.
An alternative to working with many specialists separately is to entrust renovation works to one company dealing with fit-out services. Such a solution guarantees transparency and timeliness because the project manager is responsible for the organization of works and is responsible for keeping the architect, designer, installer, painter, or plasterer’s deadlines. So you don’t have to worry that when one team’s work is prolonged, another specialist will have no more free terms.

Remember about the permits

A thorough renovation of the office requires obtaining permits, without which we will not be able to move a step forward. We have to apply for a building permit, among other things, when we plan to disturb the external appearance of the building, replace the windows with a change in their size, or demolish the load-bearing wall, as well as in situations where the renovation is to include a gas installation or a sewage system.
Before starting work, you should also determine whether the permit has become final – otherwise, we may be fined. The office or district office should also be reported for the replacement of electrical and hydraulic installations as well as external thermal insulation of the property. If, on the other hand, the office is located in a historic building, it will be necessary to obtain a permit from the provincial inspector of monuments.

Renovation of the office without interrupting the company’s operations

Renovation can be carried out during office hours or after the company closes. The second option is the most convenient, as it minimally disrupts your work and does not hinder your duties. Before signing a contract with a renovation company, it is worth finding out if the contractor also works in the afternoon and night.
On the other hand, the renovation of the office during working hours can be a slightly more burdensome option, although not impossible at all. It is enough to properly plan the renovation works to prevent the paralysis of the office. First of all, the office’s renovation during working hours should be done in stages, i.e., room after room. However, this model is much more difficult to implement in open space offices, where there is no division into rooms. In this case, it may be a good idea to delegate some of your employees to work remotely.
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