Plants in the office – potted flowers and green walls in fit-out designs

The fashionable arrangement of offices today has nothing to do with designing sterile spaces. On the contrary, living plants appear more and more often in offices, and some interiors resemble real jungles! A lot can be said about the miraculous influence of plants on focus and well-being, so it’s no wonder that green walls appear in almost every fit-out project. Why is it worth introducing greenery to the company’s interior, and what plants will be the best for the office?

4 advantages of plants in the office

We are part of nature, so we feel good in its surroundings. By choosing plants, to enjoy a beautiful green office, it is worth paying attention to the degree of sunlight inside the interior. In dark offices (e.g., without windows), ferns, wing flowers, coral palm trees, philodendrons, or fashionable monsteras will work well. But how do plants in the office affect employees?

  • Stress reduction. Working in a stressful environment does not help anyone. Research by the Australian UTS confirms that green plants in the office reduce stress levels by over 40%. In turn, the study results in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology prove that smelling and touching plants reduces stress and that microbes in the potting soil (so-called outdoorphins) have an antidepressant effect.
  • Better employee performance. Stress reduction leads directly to fewer sick leaves, improved employee productivity, and increased job satisfaction. The already mentioned UTS study showed that plants in the office improve employee productivity by more than 10%.
  • Air quality improvement. Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) manifests itself, among others, coughing, sneezing, pain in the head, eyes, and throat, decreased concentration, and nausea. The cause of SBS is the poor air quality in the workplace. To minimize this syndrome’s risk, you should first ensure efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system and reduce harmful substances from the room. Office air-purifying plants that can neutralize gases such as nitrogen, sulfur oxides, CO2, and volatile organic compounds will help. Plants in the office are also natural air humidifiers that protect the mucous membranes from drying out and thus reduce the body’s susceptibility to infections.
  • Attractive working environment. Office plants improve the well-being of employees and make customers evaluate our company better. A green office is perceived as trustworthy, warm, hospitable, stable, balanced, well-managed, caring, and caring for employees’ needs.

Green walls for the office as an alternative to potted plants

The plants in the office look great as long as we care for them. The greater the number of plants, the more responsibilities. Not everyone has a “hand for flowers,” so if you know that it will be challenging to find a person responsible for regular care in your office, you can forget about the vision of a beautiful jungle. However, fit-out specialists have a solution for this. These are green office walls that combine the healthy properties of plants with a fashionable interior design.
Arrangement of offices using green plant walls increases the interior’s attractiveness and functionality and improves air quality by regulating its temperature, cleanliness, and humidity. What’s more, green walls made of plants have excellent acoustic properties, thanks to which they effectively soundproof interiors without the need to use special panels.
Potted plants in the office take up a lot of room, so placing greenery on the walls can save space. In a project using green walls, a variety of elements can be used – both permanently installed and one-sided or double-sided mobile walls. Green walls do not require special care or regular watering – this process is automated, eliminating the risk of overflow or drying plants.
Do you want to learn more about green walls in the office? Contact Moderne Investering – together, we will select the best solutions for your company and create a green office friendly to employees and clients.