The flooring in the office – what solution should you choose?

When arranging an office, we first focus on furniture, equipment, and the color of the walls, and then we consider the floor. However, it is worth considering this issue initially because the floor is also the showcase of the office. Good-quality office flooring effectively dampens the sounds of footsteps, eliminates the reverberation effect, ensures safety, and allows you to keep clean. What solution to choose for the office?

Carpet flooring

It is the most classic and the most popular office solution. The commercial carpet flooring perfectly suppresses noise and gives the interior a cozy character, and at the same time is available in many colors and patterns. The most popular in offices are loop and needle-punched floor coverings. The loop pile carpet has a knotty fiber structure, and the bristles are often impregnated. In turn, the needle-punched carpet is slightly more resistant to abrasion and dirt, which is why it is also perfect for corridors.

Carpet tiles

An alternative to carpet is carpet tiles, which are among the most interesting trends of recent years. As the name suggests, carpet tiles consist of soft tiles that can be freely arranged to create simple or sophisticated compositions. Carpet tiles are easier to install and remove than carpeting because they can be installed in a furnished room, and a damaged tile can be easily replaced with a new one – without having to remove the entire floor.

Eco-friendly flooring

Natural floor coverings are durable, scratch-resistant, and eco-friendly. This is the best solution for offices that want to switch to the green side of the force. The rubber floor covering is resistant to dirt, abrasion, water, and chemical substances, which is why it has been one of the most popular commercial floor coverings for years. The rubber floor is also non-slip, non-flammable, and flexible, thanks to which it ensures the safety and does not deform.
Another popular ecological floor covering is linoleum, which is somewhat similar to PVC flooring but is produced by a mechanical process, not a chemical one. Linoleum is made from ecological secondary raw materials such as linseed oil, natural resins, limestone, and wood flour. Linoleum is also 100% biodegradable, resistant to heavy use, and easy to clean.

PVC flooring

The commercial PVC flooring made of polyvinyl chloride is distinguished by high resistance to intensive use and dirt. Due to its versatility, PVC flooring is used, among others, in doctor’s offices, canteens, or offices. This type of lining is also great in places with computers because it effectively discharges the accumulated electric charges. In order to support the abrasion parameters, it is worth ensuring that the PVC floor covering for the office is covered with a polyurethane protective coating.

Flocked flooring

A modern combination of elastic and carpet flooring is distinguished by warmth, coziness, water resistance, anti-slip properties, and excellent acoustic properties. Flocked flooring is a good choice for offices with allergy sufferers, as it captures pollen and releases them only when cleaning, not when walking. It is also possible to cover the flocked flooring with a protective agent to increase resistance to odors and mold.

Vinyl tiles and planks

Wood floor in the office? Yes! However, instead of investing a lot of money in the purchase, installation, and impregnation of a wooden floor, choose vinyl panels that imitate wood. In addition to their aesthetic values, these panels are also distinguished by durability, water resistance, easy assembly/disassembly, and simple cleaning. If, on the other hand, you dream of a stone floor for little money, you can choose vinyl tiles that look like stone but do not require any special treatment. Such tiles also provide better acoustic parameters than stone and thus increase the comfort of use.

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