What do your employees expect from fit-out services?

When deciding to use a company that provides fit-out services, we most often focus on our own needs. We want the interior to be in line with the current trends to welcome customers proudly. However, it should not be forgotten that our core business consists of employees whose efficiency depends mainly on the amenities and atmosphere at work. Check to what extent you know the expectations of your employees.

Almost like home

If you are looking for inspiration abroad, you have certainly noticed that Western companies attach great importance to their employees’ needs. Since the tasks assigned each day are associated with tremendous stress, it is worth making sure that the employee can feel in the office like at home, that is, above all, safe. Your employees want to feel comfortable in the office and adjust the space to their character, e.g., by putting a photo of a loved one or fresh flowers on the desk. Such little things can positively affect the employee’s self-confidence and increase his efficiency. Therefore, the office’s design should consider each employee’s individual needs, which can be found during interviews or anonymous surveys. It is also worth allowing employees to bring potted plants to the office, positively affecting mood and health. Thanks to their acoustic properties, it will dampen the open space interior.

A moment for yourself

It is hard to believe, but some offices do not have breaks – an employee can have breakfast while working or make a coffee, but most people stay in their positions all day long. This is a mistake! Make a mandatory break of 15-30 minutes, during which everyone can get up, stretch their bones and rest from working in front of the computer. Even a half-hour break will allow your employees to recharge their batteries and return to their duties with a dose of fresh energy.

Increase job satisfaction

The arrangement of the office should take into account the creation of zones that support individual and group work, and at the same time, provide some rest. The Activity Based Working model is used, among others, by Microsoft and Google. It allows you to work freely in many places in the office, adapting the space to the employee’s current needs. The Internal Security Agency leaves the employee to decide on the place of work, facilitates cooperation, reduces the risk of diseases related to a sedentary lifestyle, and increases job satisfaction. According to data from the American company GLG, after introducing the ABW model, as many as 92% of employees admitted that the current working environment is more inviting and they enjoy working in it.